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Plague Kills 124 in Madagascar

madagascar plague
 A plague epidemic in Madagascar has killed 124 people since August in an outbreak that hit the island’s two main cities the hardest, authorities said on Wednesday.

Plague is endemic in Madagascar, however the outbreak which has caused 1,192 suspected cases since August is very worrying as it started earlier in the season than usual and hit urban instead of rural areas.

Furthermore, two-thirds of the cases are of the pneumonic plague, the deadliest type of the disease.

“The sum total number of instances (1,192) is already 3 times greater than the average annual total,” the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management said in a study on Wednesday.

Last week a World Health Organisation report said the death toll stood at 94.

The main city Antananarivo and Toamasina, both largest cities in Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, were the most affected, with 55 percent of cases recorded there.

Currently 54 medical staff have now been infected, it said.

The report said that an approximately 9.5 million dollars in aid needed to counter the epidemic, only 3 million dollars has been raised.

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