Photos : The First Lady of France Wore Chic Skinny Jeans to Meet Rihanna 

    Rihanna meeting Brigitte Macron France

    You know what it is when two great women come together. Just recently, Rihanna met the First lady of France Brigitte Macron, the and we were totally feeling them both.

    Rihanna met with the first lady as well as the President to discuss a campaign that’s close to her heart : Education. Rihanna was the founder of the Clara Lionel Foundation, which targets support for education in disadvantaged countries.

    First lady Macron wore chic skinny jeans with a polished button-down jacket for the powerhouse meeting while Rihanna went oversize with a boyfriend blazer and loose trousers. I bet you never seen a more chic duo.

    Below are photos of “Wild thoughts” star Rihanna meeting Brigitte Macron, the first lady of France, in ParisRihanna meeting Brigitte Macron

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