Pastor Adeboye’s False Preaching Led To Poverty – Daddy Freeze

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Daddy is not here to Freeze!lol😅.. Daddy Freeze is not giving up his #freethesheeple movement, infact the more Pastors preach the more he picks their words against them..

This time its Pastor Adeboye of Redeem Church who had earlier said that Curse will follow anyone who doesn’t pay tithe, however this time during a mid-week service he said the only reason he takes offering is to remove people from Poverty.

He said;
‘The only reason we take offering at all is because, that’s the only way to get you out of poverty’.

This is the part that Resurrected Freeze’s anger and other well Meaning Nigerians, he shared the video and lambast him heavily, saying the preaching is False. see below!

Freeze posted:

This is the kind of false preaching that probably plunged us into poverty in the first place! ~FRZ




Following this post, a lot of other twitter users reacted, see below

Whats your say about this?

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