Osinbajo’s wife narrates how She spent 10 Years under Lagos Bridge with ‘Area Boys’

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Wife of the Vice President, Pastor ‘Dolapo Osinbajo Saturday recounted how the she spent near to 10years below many well known Lagos bridges with street kids in the bid to reshape all of them and change their particular life.

Osibanjo Wife

Mrs Osinbajo was speaking in a ‘Teens Career Conference’ organized by Everlasting Hands Parish TEAP of the Redeemed Christian Chapel of God RCCG, Garki, Abuja.

Addressing with the teens, Mrs Osinbajo said; “When I started to work in the chapel, the first place We worked was the Teenage Cathedral and for a decade I was inside the Children’s House of worship. For ten years, I was under the bridge; beneath the bridge in Lagos with ‘Area Boys’. So , every single kind of drugs that there is, I understand about it. I have seen this before and i also have seen the results as well and i also will like one to know that those that use it are certainly not different from you. Some of them as well have father and mother in the church. Some of them have parents with very big names.

There are some streets in Lagos that the titles of the streets are names of people, many of which have their kids under the bridge. There were persons whose father and mother lived in Usa and yet kids were within the bridge. So , do not think that cannot occur to you, however, you must be a good example in your conduct”.

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On her part, former Minister of Education and Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls BBOG movement, Dr Oby Ezekwesili advised the individuals to use their very own teenage years to decide on what they wish to be in every area of your life. “If we do not reform education in this country, the 65 per cent of the children in the public school system that are failing are usually the children of the poorer segment of the society. So, what it means is double jeopardy.

You are going to create what I call inter-generational poverty, dynasties in families simply because you have failed to make public education effective and productive and able to grow the competitive skills that they need in order to move from one level of society to the next level of society”, she said.

Meeting Organizer and Chairman, ThisDay Editorial Board, Mr Segun Adeniyi stated the event was created to mentor the teenagers in a manner that would make these people useful members of the contemporary society. “The thought basically is merely to encourage young people to find out that there is nothing at all they are going through now that other folks have not been through before”.

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