Odell Beckham only regrets the penalty, not the act and now Giants need to bench him

Ben McAdoo must bench Odell Beckham son. for Sunday’s half-moon in bay and not simply hint that he’ll bonk consequent time Beckham pretends to urinate sort of a dog, as McAdoo did Wednesday once he aforesaid “we have a concept for it if it does” happen once more.

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Beckham wasn’t contrite within the least on Wednesday concerning the coarseness of his touchdown celebration last Sunday in city, even when meeting with John Mara within the Giants co-owner’s workplace – and even when Mara aforesaid Tues he’s “very sad with Odell’s behavior” and “we shall traumatize it internally.”

Mara command to Tuesday’s stance that he will “not wish to urge into a discussion concerning this” and didn’t reply to a call for participation for comment from the Daily News on whether or not Beckham’s response were satisfactory. however Beckham’s refusal to have up didn’t sound like he shares Mara’s viewpoint in the slightest degree.

And so it’s time for McAdoo (and Mara) to require a stand. Coaches ne’er wish to try to to it, and it’s unfortunate once they need to resort thereto, however nothing gets AN athlete’s attention like getting rid of his taking part in time.


Odell Beckham solely regrets that TD celebration incurred a penalty

Beckham really emerged from his meeting with Mara and aforesaid his “only regret” was that he had value the Giants fifteen yards with the unfair conduct penalty he incurred. Asked if he had apologized to Mara, Beckham said: “No, I aforesaid we tend to talked. Mr. Mara and that i talked … Him (sic) and that i talked, we tend to had a discussion, personal discussion, in his workplace, thus we tend to talked concerning it.”

Beckham was asked if he had embarrassed the organization and he aforesaid “more myself, I guess,” then again he processed he was bearing on committing a penalty during a huge spot. Then he tried to twist this into a discussion concerning however confused he’s concerning the NFL’s new celebration rules.
Odell Beckham gets known as into the owner’s workplace however solely says the 2 had a personal spoken language.
Odell Beckham gets known as into the owner’s workplace however solely says the 2 had a personal spoken language. (Tom Canavan/AP)

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“The solely factor is simply inflicting a penalty for the team, that’s extremely it,” Beckham aforesaid. “I don’t even understand if they (the officials) knew to decision the flag or not as a result of the planning of confusion on their face was, ‘Do we tend to throw the flag or not?’ and so they was reasonably similar to, they threw the flag. therefore the solely regret is cost accounting United States of America fifteen yards, having to hide a protracted kickoff. fortunately we tend to didn’t have any reversal from there, we tend to coated the kickoff well.”

Beckham gave AN “mmm, hmm” answer within the affirmative once asked if he currently can celebrate otherwise, then again once asked if his actions had been out of line, he went right back to his excuse of the day: the NFL’s rules. you’ll not notice a rules rationalization here as a result of it’s unsuitable to the $64000 issue here.

McAdoo should right Giants’ sinking ship, hold Odell responsible

“Um, I don’t understand,” Beckham aforesaid. “I don’t assume any people understand the principles on what you’ll do celebrating. They place during a new celebration factor to reasonably create it appear as if the players will celebrate, and so you celebrate and you recognize you simply have forty seconds, thus if you celebrate for twenty, you’ve got twenty seconds to run on and kick a field goal, thus I don’t extremely understand. I don’t extremely knowledge that works. But um, I do understand going forward I even have tons higher celebration(s).”

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Beckham then had the audacity to inform the media he would solely answer queries thenceforth on this week’s opponent, the bay Buccaneers, and refused to answer questions about whether or not his celebration was a protest of President Donald Trump and if he and Mara had mentioned his consent the meeting.

“I don’t understand if that must do with point of entry, really,” Beckham aforesaid.
Odell Beckham takes a leak on the Giants name along with his silly stunt throughout loss to Eagles.
Odell Beckham takes a leak on the Giants name along with his silly stunt throughout loss to Eagles. (Michael Perez/AP)

But hey, that angle is par for the course during a room wherever the universally-liked, multi-million-dollar defensive tackle Damon Harrison refuses to speak to the media and therefore the head coach came hearth on reporters Wednesday with the accusation: “I’m not distracted. i feel some individuals during this circle area unit distracted.”

Giants co-owner John Mara ‘very unhappy’ with Odell Beckham

This 0-3 begin is that the media’s fault, remember. and therefore the NFL rules committee’s fault. Not the fault of a team that committed seven penalties in Sunday’s fourth quarter in Philly.

Listen, losing will this to groups, to coaches and players. individuals get tense, clearly thus. Jobs area unit on the road.

No, Beckham’s touchdown celebration wasn’t the rationale the Giants lost Sunday’s game. Yes, they need larger X’s and O’s issues to traumatize than their implausibly proficient wide receiver. however simply because Beckham is that the Giants’ best player doesn’t mean he will do no matter he needs or that he gets additional strikes than the common player on the complete 53-man listing. a minimum of it shouldn’t.

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Sunday’s yucky celebration wasn’t Beckham’s second or third strike. it absolutely was nearer to his tenth. McAdoo, WHO had declined to condemn Beckham’s actions each Sunday and Mon, finally found the guts to try to to thus on Wednesday currently that his owner was on the record being “unhappy.”

Giants have a troublesome call given Odell Beckham son.’s immatureness
Back page of recent House of York Daily News for Sep twenty seven, 2017
Back page of recent House of York Daily News for Sep twenty seven, 2017 (New House of York Daily News )

“It’s a poor reflection on ME. It’s a poor reflection on the organization. we’ve a concept for it moving forward,” McAdoo aforesaid. however even then it absolutely was like pull teeth to urge McAdoo to criticize Beckham.

The coach at the start went into this wordy answer concerning however the Giants’ rash of pre- and post-snap penalties may be a poor reflection on the team. He wouldn’t single Beckham out or say if Beckham can begin Sunday’s game. only ironed did McAdoo then apply his remark to Beckham’s dog micturition routine.

Finally McAdoo aforesaid it: “Whether it absolutely was or it wasn’t a penalty, it’s still not one thing that we’re condoning.”

And nonetheless Beckham still had the nerve to face at his locker and say he solely regretted the penalty, not the act.

Mike Francesa blasts Giants, Odell Beckham for dog celebration

He doesn’t twig. perhaps when he watches Sunday’s half-moon from the recent Everglade State sideline it’ll sink in.

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