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“We are not on our honeymoon yet” — Banky W

So, yesterday some beautiful pictures of Banky W and Adesua touring South Africa, visiting the Zoo were shared by the beautiful couple, and we all thought they were on their honeymoon.

Apparently, they aren’t, as Banky has finally addressed the questions from fans who think his getaway with his wife to Johannesburg is their honeymoon.

He also addressed questions from folks who think he is sharing too much information about his vacation with his wife, Adesua.

Recall, Banky took to his social media, 2 days back to share a live video of their experience at a resort in South Africa, and just as he panned his camera, Adesua could be seen in the background putting on her thongs.

Realizing this error, Banky quickly switched from her view, and then changed the camera view to the back, to capture the Zebras outside their window.

But before he could delete the video, folks have made screenshots, and also downloaded the video, with Adesua’s naked back shared all over social media.

Folks didn’t take it lightly with Banky, as they reminded him of the advise Omotola gave him, during their wedding, and they all felt he was sharing too much information.

Also yesterday, there were pictures and video of Banky, his wife, Ebuka and some of his friends, visiting a Zoo in SA.. Then, a fan quickly called his attention and asked why he took all his friends with him on what’s supposed to be a honeymoon.

“It isn’t a honeymoon,” he replied the curious fan. “It is a bridal trip. Honeymoon is January

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