NNU Income Program – That Hoped For, is Finally At Our Door

Since the invention of internet, lots and lots of search has been done by many, for a paying opportunity online, which many now tag as online jobs.

Many fraudsters have leverage on this hunger and thirst of people, in making life more comfortable by gaining some cash online.

As a result, such scheme which is based on robbing Peter to pay Paul have clouded the real hit – that many long for.

Nevertheless, as evil men continue with evil doings, also the good rolls with theirs. Recall all acts depends on choice.

The Real Hit

The saying ‘ rise up and move on when you fall’ has been the successful track that got me into this rewarding part – NNU. – Nigerian News Update For i have been a victim of some online site which were emphasized as a paying thrill but yet a scam displayed before my eyes.

Of course the Egyptians ( voumoney, icharity,MMM,utimate-cycler) i saw back then, i shall see no more. lol.

My major mistake was, i been unable to ascertain clearly how they generate revenue and yet ventured into them. But guess what?

As many say, ‘some disappointments are blessings’, my mistake got me learning for a long while, after which it presented me with a wonderful clique – NNU. Permit me to use the word ‘God sent’, as it pays for hard work and creative skills employed. wow! as simple as that.

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A Work-Through of NNU

NNU, Featured make-money

Before reading any further, i want you to help your mind visualize NNU as a platform you are called to grow, as that which helps you improve in reading and getting self updated. For those who understands the stock exchange market, take NNU like a share bought.

Having this mindset of growth as the basic and foundation of booming.

‘Booming is experienced only after a perfect growth stage is established’

– Imaeruaka N.J

The Tips On NNU

Just like planting a seed, this article will only introduce NNU as a platform for real tour of cash/side hustle. So if you’ve got to know more or have questions. I wish to elaborate below.

NNU -Nigeria News Update.

This program was launched in May 2017.
NNU is a program designed to help Nigerians get value by reading daily news and still get paid for that.

NNU generate revenue daily based on the activities of people on their platform meaning that as you’re reading on their site Google pays them so at the end of every month the revenue they accumulated is what they share among members so it’s basically not magic or ponzi scheme where they rob Peter to pay Paul.

How NNU Works

When you register with NNU with a one time payment of #1,600, you will earn money as follows;

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1. I believe you log in your Facebook account, Twitter, instagram etc without earning a penny for yourself. The goodness is NNU gives you #50 for your daily login. Meaning very few seconds for 30days can put #1,500 in your pocket.

2. Of course, when we come in contact with interesting posts on WhatsApp or other forums, we are quick to post them on Facebook. Therefore, efforts of earning is nothing. Here, NNU pays you #100 daily for dropping a sponsored post on Facebook.

Imagine you’ve been collecting such an amount since you first signed up with Facebook. Don’t you think you would’ve been a little more richer than you are currently?

This also leaves you with a rough some of #3, 000 through the month. I heard mum saying hard work pays…..but witnessed and testified with a sweet heart – NNU.

NNU, Featured make-money

3. NNU says she is willing to give #2 to any news you read and comment. How great that idea is. Instead of yabbing a friend through the commenting on their photos, that skill of yours can be used positively in earning some cash for self.

I call this one UNLIMITED…..it makes you in charge of your game.

4. Oh! brothers and sisters, for spreading the goodness of NNU (that is, referring your friends), you earn an instant cash of #1,000…am i communicating….for me, its fun…..big time fun. However, referral is solely for the purpose of promoting NNU and is not compulsory.

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5. What’s more? With lots of happenings around us, as a writer, you could make a genuine news report – NNU been a platform that rewards hard work, pays #100 for such a post done for her.

Lets think of the unimaginable, i mean of the bracket – if you’ve got a thousand post, #100, 000 slowly creeps into your account. A brilliant idea.

Without much stress, i leave you to think about the accumulated cash. Secondly, may i remind you that the choice is all yours. Just as God left us to choice between good and bad with more emphasise on us to choose good, so i stand my ground leaving you to keep wondering around the net or start earning by joining NNU.

Ideas and knowledge are given already….its left to you to pick up a choice…….except you are amongst those tagged as ‘lazy’ whom wants cash without working.

I bet you’d be glad you read this when you join NNU.

Registration process

  1. Follow the link to below, fill in your details
  2. Registration costs N1600, to be paid via Coupon code or Paystacks (Visa/Mastercard)
  3. Default referral is 8faculty

Click here to Join NNU Income Program

If you have any questions, chat with NNU Assistant via the button below.



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