Nivea responds to Backlash over Billboard Advert “For visibly fairer skin.”

Ghanaian artist Fuse ODG had in an Instagram post called out personal care brand Nivea for an ad-campaign promoting a “fairer skin.”

The advertisement, for the brand’s cream, featuring former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Omowunmi Akinnifesi, has as its tagline: “For visibly fairer skin.”

Fuse ODG had asked that the billboard be taken down all over Africa, otherwise people would do it for the brand.

However, in a post on Facebook, Nivea has said they had no intention to “to demean or glorify any person’s needs or preferences in skin care.”

“We respect every consumer’s right to choose products according to their personal preferences,” the brand said, possibly highlighting the fact that some people in this part of the world actually do seek a fairer skin.

See the full post below:

We in no way mean to demean or glorify any person's preferences in skincare - Nivea on Criticized Ad - Millitime

Fuse ODG however responded to Nivea’s statement saying that the company missed the point of the backlash. Fuse ODG said people do not have a problem with the product Nivea is selling, but the “ideal” that beauty comes in a “fair” or “light” skin.

See post below


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