Nigerians are totally Pissed off with Mr Eazi

Ghana gist

Mr Eazi has gotten him self in trouble with the Nigerian Twitter users for the second instance this year. Early in the year, he proposed that Nigerian music artists had the Ghanaian sound to say thanks to for the majority of their hits and many people ha d a problem with that. Once more, the very same matter comes up and this period, Mr Eazi mentioned that right before his coming on the scene, Nigerian artists weren’t looking to Ghana to get inspiration but, today, the use of Ghanaian slang is rampant in most of the songs making the hits in naija.

Nigerians in fact instantly took to Twitter to point out to Mr Eazi of the days before his presence when the likes of Wizkid had been making songs like Azonto, while Runtown who we could argue that his shots are directed to even came in to let it be known that he’s all set to let the music speak. Is Mr Eazi trying to play between Nigeria and Ghana a marketing tactic intended for his forthcoming UK Culture Fest? Perhaps.

People’s Reactions on Twitter

Ghana gist

Mr. Eazi is over other Nigerian artists using the Ghanaian sound for quick hits. Ghana gist

Ghana gistRuntown 


Bout to drop that new sound again and pls Don’t get mad when i finish what you think you started Ghana gist

Ghana gist

Wizkid sang “Azonto” and talked about Banku far back in 2011. Guess Mr Eazi was just finishing Secondary school in Ghana then. Ugly Bastard

Mr Eazi is the type of person to sit with Ghanaians seriously trashtalking Nigerians and they’ll say “you’re not like them” then he’ll blush

Someone needs to tell Mr Eazi, Tetuila & VIP brought the Ghana wave to Naija before he was born.There was good music before he was conceived

Wizkid be like “lookat this Mr Eazi, foolish boy. You think it’s me that’ll buy ur songs?”

Your prince of this thing you call Afrobeats is out here guarding a simple drum pattern and a couple of Ghanaian terms like a last castle.

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