Why Do Nigerian Girls Complain About Deeper Life Weddings?

I was all over the Internet when I stumbled on a post made by Naijasinglegirl on a Deeper Life wedding she attended and the comments on the content shocked me!

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See the Number 1 picture below as shared on NSG and the comments that followed afterwards:

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My friend got married in a deeper life church. No make up, no earrings, they exchanged bibles and not rings, the wife covered her hair. Her wedding gown was like it once belonged to her granny. She endured all these assault. She only showed her true colour when they wouldn’t let her family into the church on grounds that they were too ‘flashy’. She told the husband in front of the pastor to call his church to order or the wedding was off! Her family must witness her wedding or no wedding at all. The groom saw that she was serious and called to pastor aside, the family was then allowed to enter. The funniest part was after the wedding, she refused to snap any pictures. We no even know sey her sister brot her make up kit and jewelry, even a beautiful wedding gown was waiting in the car. She just disappeared for like 30 mins and returned transformed. We all couldn’t believe our eyes! She said she was now ready to snap pictures. The pastor got angry and left. She no even mind. I later asked her why she did that. She said na husband she marry, she no marry church. Her husband knew about the plan. He didn’t really approve but she made him know that dressing like her grandmother on her wedding will not make her a better wife in his house. And being beautiful and trendy will not make her the worst wife in his house.

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See another comment by another Nigerian girl:

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Nawa oo. This wedding pics makes me terribly depressed, almost scaring me away from marriage. Dear Lord pls come to Cherryðoc’s aid. Tell me that when the time comes she won’t insist we marry in Deeper Life. Pls tell me it would be all I have ever dreamed of. Lord give me sign!

Another comment yet again:

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My uncle married a lady from Deeper Life, but apparently her dad was excommunicated from the church because he let his daughter marry an Anglican �. This was after making my uncle drag his priest to meet their pastor.
I thought we were serving the same God.

My question is, are there problems with the wedding doctrines of Deeper Life church? Why do we have a whole lot of grievances on the part of Nigerian ladies with regards to the doctrines of Deeper life on weddings.

If you were the bride and you received commandments to check out being a person in a deeper life church, will you cancel your wedding because of this?

Have you been to a Deeper life wedding before, and you can relate to the above deeper life wedding pictures? Share your comments below!

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