Neymar Unfollows Cavani on Instagram. Read Why

The row between two PSG stars, Edison Cavani and Neymar has intensified following a new development.

Neymar Unfollows Cavani on Instagram
Edison Cavani and Neymar
After having a row over who should take a penalty kick in their last match, Neymar has reportedly unfollowed Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Edinson Cavani on Instagram, Sun UK has reported.

Everything started after the pair clashed over who should take a free-kick against Lyon before Neymar took the kick when Cavani was lining it up for a free-kick.

The world-record signing then tried to accomplish the same thing when Cavani stepped forward to take a penalty, which Cavani vehemently refused.

The Uruguayan refused to hand it over before seeing his spot-kick saved by the opposition goalie.

Neymar’s fellow Brazilian Dani Alves was also spotted trying to simply help his compatriot out by shielding Cavani from the ball. And Get French Football claims the Uruguayan reacted very poorly at the conclusion of the match.

It’s said that within 20 minutes of the last whistle, Cavani had already packed his bags and left the Parc des Princes.

He also chose to skip the mixed zone and the others of his team by sneaking out using one of many stadium’s back entrances. After the row, manager, Unai Emery feels every thing is in check as he’s NOT likely to step in and straighten out the problem.

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He said: “I have told them to sort it out between themselves.”

Watch video below:


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