New Discovery.  Japan is Now Making Ice-cream that doesn’t Melt  

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Ice cream discovery

Japanese scientists have made an amazing discovery of an organic way to make ice cream to keep its shape after a long while without melting.

And, you may not even notice it unless you’re going to patiently observe rather than eat.
According to a Japanese daily newspaper, this incredible Discovery was stumbled upon by scientists by accident earlier this year at Biotherapy Development Research Center Co. in Kanagawa.

The Discovery

Crops of strawberry farmers have been suffering after a major earthquake and tsunami in Japan back in 2011. Researchers worked on this issue and had reportedly asked a pastry chef to create a dessert using a polyphenol liquid, extracted from strawberries. It was later not feasible and the frustrated chef told scientists that “dairy cream solidified instantly when strawberry polyphenol was added,”. Though he knew that there was “something suspicious” about the polyphenol, one researcher at the center immediately realized the potential of the substance for greatness.

Soon after, through trial and error, A professor of pharmacy at Kanazawa University, soon developed non-melting popsicles. He told the newspaper that Polyphenol liquid has something  that makes it difficult for water and oil to separate. A that a popsicle that contains it will be able to retain its original shape of the cream for a longer time than usual.

The popsicles started sale in Kanazawa, Osaka, and Tokyo, Japan in April and according to one of the newspaper’s staffers, they definitely surpass the hype. “When warmth from a dryer was used in an air-conditioned room, a vanilla popsicle that was bought from a regular shop started melting around the edges very quickly,” according to the intrepid reporter. “However the Kanazawa Ice retained its first shape even after a few minutes. It tasted cool also.”

A local media news release site, SoraNews24, purchased a bear-shaped popsicle from Kanazawa Ice in early July and documented the adjustments it underwent during the period of 3 hours at room temperature. By the finishing of the time-lapse video although the Popsicle stick could be taken off the bear’s tummy with little resistance, the ice cream creature reportedly tasted cool and had largely retained its shape still, spreading only a little bit as it sunk into its paper bed.

Soon, who knows, soon we’ll be able to get Kanagawa ice-cream take away at Tantalizers

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