Neither Title nor Position Counts, Value Does

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The organogram for different firms, and organizations, display the hierarchical order of positions and tittles held by members of the organization. These ranges from the Chairman, Executive Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing Director (MD), Auditor in chief, General Manager, Operations Manager, to Heads of Departments, Supervisors and other subordinating positions.

In career development, people take up different courses and undergo several professional training in bid of climbing the career ladder and navigating through this order of hierarchy, to the highest position they can possibly attain before retirement from active duty. Everyone desires to be very successful in their chosen career, and also earn good figures. To many, the position you occupy in your organisation, defines your level of success in your career.

Well, the desire to grow and attain coveted positions in your organization is great but some questions come to my mind digging deeper. What is really most important; is it the position you occupy or the value you bring to the organization?

I took out time to study a fast growing negative trend which is not healthy for the work place. There seem to be so much respect for paper qualifications, that people are given certain positions in organizations just by tendering their certificates. Sad to say that some of these certificates are bought with money.

Year in, year out, we have an avalanche of graduates from tertiary institutions, with certificates that a large percentage of these graduates cannot defend. This is very alarming. Many people enroll for professional courses without the determination and discipline to master the skill they are being trained for, but just to acquire the certificate and be called professionals. What really, makes one a professional, is it the paper certification, or the ability to bring the desired value to the desk?

Personally, I believe, that the value you bring to your company or organization, weighs far more than the title or position you occupy. What problems can you solve with your skills, what positive changes and innovations can you bring to move your organization to the next level? These are the questions every career person must ask himself/herself and provide sincere answers to.

Every good organization, should employ and pay staff members for the value they provide to the organization and not even for the time they put into the job.

As a career builder, make up your mind to improve your worth and bring more value to your organization or chosen field. If you will focus on bringing true value, then you will of necessity attain the high positions in your organization, coveted by so many especially, with God on your side. So, I call on you to focus on adding more value than seeking titles and positions.

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