Mugabe’s son celebrates after importing two Rolls Royce limousines ‘worth £2 million’ into ‘bankrupt’ Zimbabwe

The eldest son of Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe has imported two Rolls Royce limousines in to the bankrupt country, it’s been reported.

Russell Goreraza, 33, offloaded both luxury cars at Harare Airport terminal from a plane of the Dutch airline KLM on Sunday.

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Goreraza, believed to have a ‘chequered reputation’, was also reported to have enjoyed a ‘huge celebration’ with friends after the exotic vehicles arrived, with French champagne flowing freely.

According to IOL in Zimbabwe, yet another car – this one an Aston Martin – is due to arrive in the capital shortly.
The cars are thought to have been bought in Europe.

Rolls Royce Phantoms cost no less than £400,000, but custom-built versions are sold for as much as £1 million. Media in Zimbabwe are reporting the combined cost of the cars as about £4 million.

It comes as Zimbabwe is in an awful budget, owing huge debts to South Africa. Goreraza was born to Grace Mugabe during her first marriage to Stanley Goreraza.


He has two half-brothers – 25-year-old Robert Jr and Chatunga, 21 – whose father is Robert Mugabe, the beleaguered African country’s leader since 1980. In 2015, he was found guilty of culpable homicide after killing a pedestrian in his car.

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