The Readers Network


A community where people read great books, get smarter and become empowered.


A train is a reading pace. After registration, a member joins a train. there are 4 different trains. We measure 1 book by 280 pages.


1/8 book per week train (35 pages)


1/4 book per week train. (70 pages)


1/2 book per week train (140 pages)


3/4 book per week train (210 pages)

Voracious Reader

1 book per week train (280 pages)

You can join or switch trains, depending on your time

Coordinated by BookBot

BookBot is a smart A.I powered Assistant connected to readers on Facebook Messenger

  • For each train, great books and the link to download is given by the Admins


This is a fun community you should be part of!

Requirements include Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Membership cost’s 360 NGN / 1 USD and it’s monthly. This is a “seed”. 

New Updates, Delivered Weekly.