Monday Motivation – True Happiness Quotes

Just as the first working day is named Monday, men in a special way consciously or unconsciously need various specific tap from sets of words and quotes that has the ability to grease the mind and keeps it motivated as the rest working day unfolds.

More specifically, today’s motivation will be derived from a word which has been known to all men, since he took his first breath, which is “HAPPINESS “.


True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

True happiness transcends dancing, shouting, laughter and fanfare. True happiness is a state of mind. When our minds are at such a state of happiness, those physical characteristics such as dancing, shouting and laughter are thus displayed right before us.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

Helping hands and doing things right are the two things that can necessarily install happiness in ones heart. This has a hold from a reward of helping others and working just beside your maker, the gift of happiness is received.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

The enjoyment of one’s soul is felt through the radiance of happiness surrounding them. When we involve ourselves with the right things to be done, our soul receives pleasure; such pleasures of the soul can be felt by others only through the level of happiness one expresses.

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True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

True happiness is experienced only when ones talent is made to dominate self. Talents houses individual purpose of life which one is expected to play by, true happiness evolves as a result of allowing oneself partake in activities as relate to individual talents.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

Happiness is like a kiss. In order to get any good out of it, you have to give it to someone else. This is simply implies that the more you make people happy, the more happy you become. Men should always try to reciprocate acts of happiness.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

Happiness based on events is short lived, true happiness is a choice. Some basic happenings could possibly keep one happy but what fates have you when such happenings are over. We should take a choice of being happy by carrying out daily activities that would yield happiness.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

True happiness is the antidote to facial wrinkles and aging. As we express joy tagged happiness, it goes a long way affecting our looks as you level of happiness express could be told from your facial looks at old age. Happiness could be a barrier to those wrinkles willing to spoil your face as you age.

True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

Love glows only because happiness is felt and maintained. Could any form of love exist without the partial combination of joy (happiness) and sacrifice? Such a blend forms a base for love.

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True Happiness, Happiness, FEATURED gist

When the soul longs to give a smile, it does that only through happiness. As funny as this may sound, joy which the soul experience makes it to put on a smiling face. How else could this smile of the soul be seen, if not through happiness?

Happiness as man call it should be inevitable in our lives as its plays roles beyond our understanding, linking the unimaginable i.e the soul, mind and body.


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