Mary – Honoured or Worshipped?


Lots of arguments have been drawn to a question posed as which Mary is honored or worshiped. This article is basically centered on giving a clearer view as relates to the question above. One wouldn’t be able to take a side more perfectly, without understanding clearly the meanings of the words “honor” and “worship”.

What does it mean to honor one?

The word “honor” in its simplest context means – the veneration of someone, usually for being morally upright and/or competent. With such a definition, a layman could neutrally have an understanding of such a word. On the other hand, I did like us to check out the word worship.

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What does it mean to worship one?

The word “worship” in its most basic form, means – the reverent honor and homage paid to God as regards to Christianity.

With both definitions ruled out, I guess for a right thinking mind, what applies to Mary is clearly spelt out. Within this short article, I’ll like to drop two powerful points to clear all arguments which has arises from this topic.

    • We need not be told that worship as a word is referred to God and He alone, using such word in reference with other things, assumes equality with God which is wrong. But recall that the word worship is more or less personal, as only I alone know who I worship and no one else. As claims to know who some other persons worship is indeed a bad idea, since it is a personal affair.
    • Everyone on earth could be honored at one point or the other, as long as its requirements are met.
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Gist, Church Gist gist

Drawing closer to the catholic faith as one, Mary isn’t God and so can’t be worshiped. Yet attaining daughter-hood, motherhood and bride hood of God the father, Son and Holy spirit created a more perfect and blessed opportunity for her to honored by all mankind, as no one that ever lived has attained such feet, only but her.


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