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Married Woman Begs Rapist To get more Rounds, Asks To Withdraw Court Case

Married Woman Begs Rapist To get more Rounds, Asks To Withdraw Court Case

In an odd case, a married female asked a Magistrates Courtroom to pull away two matters of rape cases against a man who also raped her, as the girl falls in love with him.

A 22-year-old woman recognized as Talent Zvenyika, from the Featherstone area of Mvuma, zimbabwe, has a week ago approached Chivhu Magistrates Court in the country to withdraw two counts of rape against a man, Bill Chiocha whom raped her on two occasions, declaring that they had been now deeply in love with each other.

Relating to a statement by Show Zim, 38-year-old Chiocha was set free of charge after Justice of the peace Fadzai Mutombeni withdrew the situation after the request.

Zvenyika stated that after the rape situations, she had fallen in love with the supposed defiler because they had loved consensual sexual activity on a number of other occasions plus they had asked each other for forgiveness.

It had been gathered that Chiocha reached Zvenyika’s homestead with his younger brothers about 15: 00 hrs and proposed love to her yet she declined saying the girl was wedded.

Chiocha later on returned afterwards the same day time and found the complainant sleeping with the door not locked as her husband, Billa Luckmore Gijima, had not however returned home from a soccer match. He started to bother the problem again in the love proposal before going to her bed in which he allegedly raped her once.

On a later date, Chiocha once more approached Zvenyika around 19: 00 hours in her kitchen shelter where the lady was planning supper whilst her spouse was at a beer parlour.

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He then snapped up a shouting Zvenyika by shoulders and pulled her to the back from the kitchen door and raped her.

The complainant waited until early Sept 2016, once she divulged the rape ordeals with her husband after realising that her husband’s friend, Ozias Dzaramba hadn’t told him as the lady had asked him to.

On Sept. 2010, 16 2016, Gijima reported the case in Charter Police Base.

“I am not the one who reported the case to the police. Although I did not consent on the first and second times, we later on indulged in consensual s*xual intercourse on several other instances after we asked each other for forgiveness for previous cases. We are now in love and therefore the case can be withdrawn,”Zvenyika told the courtroom.

Nicholas Mabvongodze stood for the State.

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