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The Beauty of Marketing – Owning Your Business

As a marketer, you own a business beyond just being a middleman between producers and customers.

Marketing- Owning Your Business

Marketing is an easy way of owning your business, likewise making lots of profits which people shy away from without wanting to explore in other to gain from all its benefits.

“Anyone who can talk can be a good marketer – All needed is acquiring some marketing skills and knowledge”

As a marketer, you own a business beyond just being a middleman between producers and customers. [See also : Stand Out as a Social Media Marketer in Today’s Competitive Space ]

Just as we’ve got wholesalers and retailers making profits from a product like they own it in business, so you’re thrown into a similar role as a marketer. [See also : A Working Marketing Strategy for Businesses : Multiplication ]

I may be asked to market a metal door for Pesco Tech. ltd at #20, 000 per door. As marketing is all my business, i decide to relate the cost of each metal door to #25, 000 per door to my customers.

“As a marketer you directly or indirectly have a right of price-fixing for whatever goods or product you market”

If I supply a hundred doors for sale, I did earn a profit of #50, 000 for myself as my business.

Working as a marketer for Pesco Tech. ltd, selling a hundred doors, am entitled to my pay/earning for a job done as a marketer.

Then finally, to my customer/buyer, considering the fact I gave him or her a nice product, they can give me an extra penny for a business well done after supply depending on my relationship with them.

So in summary, I have virtually earned profits from three different sources, only because of my job’s nature – Marketing.

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That’s how vital marketing can be.


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