Managing Cash Flow – Tips to Keeping Flow Positive

One big dream of a business owner or an entrepreneur is to keep their cash flow constant. Managerial skills to keep the flow of cash constant, are yet to be known by many. Here is a lovely piece thet drops such skills at your finger tips. Do you mind giving it your time?

Managing Cash Flow - Tips to Keeping Flow Positive
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Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business venture, regardless of its size. It is a sign of a healthy business and a vital ingredient for growth. Whether you’re running an established business or launching a startup , maintaining positive cash flow is essential to ensuring a long-term success.

A positive cash flow is great for businesses, it represents your business’s financial health and the ability to face challenges ahead. It also indicates that you’re doing well. But how do businesses maintain a positive cash flow?

1. Spend your seed-money wisely.

Seed money or seed capital is the initial funding committed to starting a business. When launching a new business it can be tempting to invest all of your money straight away to ensure your company gets up and running. It’s wiser to resist this urge, however, because the ultimate success of your business relies on the ability to perform long-term.

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If you funnel all of your money into its launch, you place your business in a vulnerable position later on when an unforeseen expense or risk emerges . In order to maintain positive cash flow when starting a new company, we advise you spend wisely and set aside a portion of your money for future expenses.

2. Track and keep All expenses in check.

If you’ve simply been spending on unnecessary things, you can literally find yourself up against a financial brick wall. Business expenses can quickly add up and cause issues when the time comes to reimburse them. To make sure you are not caught off guard by your expense volume at the end of the month, keep track of them at all times and be prepared to cut down on them if necessary.

Cash flow can become a big problem if you’re spending more than you’re earning. You might hide the fact for a while, but it will ultimately catch up with you. When that time arrives, you can find yourself in all sorts of financial trouble, as well as tarnishing the good name of your business. Hence, it is very important to always keep track of what goes out of your business financially.

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3. Manage your receivables more closely.

Cash becomes cash when you can readily get your hands on it, it is yours alone and doesn’t have to be paid back. In order to maintain positive cash flow in your business, you should always make sure to manage your receivables more closely. This can be done by keeping a detailed list of what you are owed starting with the most.

Time is of the essence when collecting overdue money, you should contact receivables promptly and stick to a short payment time rather than a longer 60/90 day plan. Keeping on top of your receivables is essential to maintaining positive cash flow in your business.

4: Take steps to get paid faster by clients.

There are many products and services that you pay for on delivery or in advance. So why give your clients months to pay up? Asking for at least a deposit up front before any service, is a great way to get paid faster and jump-start your cash flow. And if you establish the policy fairly and properly, it shouldn’t alienate good customers.

Unpaid invoices are known to be among the biggest cash flow killers out there. particularly for small businesses, who are the most likely to suffer delayed payments from their business clients. If you are not proactive about collecting payments from your clients, you could quickly be on the way to a dangerous cash flow situation.

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5: Use necessary technology to stay on top.

Staying on top of your business’ cash flow requires leveraging the right solution that’s specifically designed to help you manage and keep track of your cash flow. Software like InvoiceApp offers real-time cash flow management features for all small business owners and freelancers.

Only by managing your finances and keeping an eye on cash flow will a business be able to thrive. InvoiceApp helps you keep an accurate account of what is coming in and going out, as well as the expected or projected cash flow. It allows you to know how healthy your business is.


While maintaining a positive cash flow in a business is the right place for a business to be, it’s not an overnight process. There’s no magic formula to attaining this. Rather, it is a long-term business journey. But if you’re paying attention and keep committed to the 5 tips shared above, you’ll eventually reach your destination.

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