Home Career Making Money Online as an Author – A Simple Method

Making Money Online as an Author – A Simple Method

Making Money Online as an Author - A Simple Method

The easiest way to make cash in whatever business one is into, is simply by reaching out to more people with whatever product you have got.

You’ve got all rights to enjoy the benefit of a work well done. As an author you should flow with the tides. Here I mean you should be aware of the changes in our social environments.

Gone are the days where they majority reads hard copy of books, although most people still do, but how many purchase them?

Remember the secret in business still remains reaching out to more people. Why not do something new. If your audience now prefer soft copies of books, due to the verse availability of electronic device, why not utilize this opportunity in getting more cash. You could have that as a retirement grant.

Method : Choosing the right publisher

Have you heard of Amazon? Amazon provides a platform for authors in getting their books published online, making it available to all in the globe. That is indeed a contact that can make u a billionaire within seconds. This platform is known as kindle direct publish.

With the help of this platform, you could get your books easily publish, greatly edited with paperbacks and you give the privilege of price fixing.

Imagine you got your book on amazon for $5 and within a week, a million copy was sold-it definitely means you’ve got $5 million without having to carry copies of your book around…..that’s the power of the internet.

While hitting Amazon, have it at heart that books to be publish must be strictly of your own idea, for if its content is found anywhere on the web, it won’t be published.

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