Lagos State Gov. Reduces Land Use Charge following Protest


Lagos State Gov. Reduces Land Use Charge following Protest

In a tweet posted on its official Twitter handle, the Lagos state government has announced a reduction in recently amended Land Use Charges.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode had earlier hinted at the willingness of the state government to modify the charges. He made this known during a parley with business leaders in the state.

— The Lagos State Govt (@followlasg) March 15, 2018

Amended Charges

Commercial fee charge has been reduced by 50%. Owner occupier third party fee is reduced by 25%. Owner occupier fee charge has also been lowered by 15% .

The revised Land Use Charge had been a source of controversy as many residents had viewed the charge as exorbitant. In some cases, increases were as much as 400%. The state government had justified steep increase as due to the non revision of the law in over a decade and the need to increase revenue.

Lagosians also kicked against the inclusion of a private firm Alpha Beta to monitor the collection of the charges. The Lagos State House of Assembly has since stated the inclusion was an error.

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