Ladies, These Are Things You Mustn’t Do To Please Your Man

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Love your man and show it, however in order to live a fulfilled life, there are things a woman should not do for a man. You need to be able to tell when you’re overshooting the runway.

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Ladies, These Are Things You Mustn't Do To Please Your Man

It’s important to care about others, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness for somebody else’s.

Even though love, to a big extent is blind to many things, it’s good to bring your brain along. Love is powerful, but it shouldn’t dictate your every move.

When women are in love, they do many unimaginable things most times, to please their men and oftentimes, it backfires on the long term. Any such thing he proposes that will endanger or ruin your relationship with him or your future should never be considered.

These are few things you shouldn’t do to please your man.

Never for any Reason accept to Pay your Bride Price.

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It is called ‘bride price’ for a reason. If it turned out your responsibility to pay, it could have been tagged ‘groom price’.

You have to know that men love to be responsible and it’s a thing of pride to them when they pay for what they cherish. But the moment you take that away from them, they feel emasculated and vulnerable. It’s not a bad idea to help him out to settle part of your bride price if you’re capable of rendering such assistance particularly when you are from a family that is hell bent on making him spend his last kobo, but never take full responsibility to pay all.

Infact, such thought shouldn’t be entertained in whatever guise. You can put in a word on his behalf, to your family to be reasonable by offering him a cut, based on his financial strength, nevertheless, you shouldn’t pay your bride price. Don’t even lend him money to pay.

Once you pay your own bride price, you should be prepared because virtually all your opposing suggestions will be misconstrued as arrogance and insubordination. He will use it to blackmail you emotionally with a constant reminder that it’s because you are the one whopaid your bride price, that gives you authority over him.

In order never to come off too strong, you will always pretend to be who you are, and not lose your voice so he can feel like a man and feel in-charge. Your man paying your bride price himself should be a thing of pride for you.

Never sleep with somebody else so he can get a job, contract, pay his bills or house rent.

Even if he initiates the idea or you are entertaining such thoughts, just borrow your self small sense and kill the idea. It really is a no-go-area.

Any man that implies that you have sex with another man for his selfish need is dangerous. Such relationships never end well. Don’t permit the devil to push you. He could be nice now, but on the long term, such a sacrifice will ruin your relationship beyond repair.

It doesn’t matter how difficult life is, for him. Even though you do it without his consent, if he ultimately finds out someday, he will be gone and he will never see it in the light that you did it for him. Even if he sticks with you, he will always use it against you because he won’t trust you any more.

Never accept a threesome exchange of nude pictures and recording of sex tapes to Please your man.

Men have imaginative minds plus some of them won’t mind allowing their fantasies play out in real life. If you actually want to be taken seriously, don’t allow any man to lessen you to who you’re not. Irrespective of how much he preaches, do not agree to have a threesome with him and his friend or another female, even if he’s married to you.

Never send him your nude pictures or allow him to take naked pictures of you. It is more of a trend today with the coming of camera phones, ladies are losing it every day. Nudes have grown to be instruments of blackmail, don’t fall a victim. Don’t do it even if he’s your husband. It is a sign of disrespect to some degree if he asks for your nudes. Keep in mind that any relationship can pack up and when bitterness sets in, anything is possible afterwards.

Never accept to make a sex tape for him. Even Kim Kardashian and Pokello Nare of Big Brother Africa paid dearly for their mistakes. Their sex tapes were leaked by the men they did it with. You’re not a porn star. Don’t stick around for a second. If he suggests it, just flee.

Keep your own body count to your self.

It doesn’t matter how much he’s enthusiastic about knowing how many men you had slept with, please keep your numbers to yourself. If he insists, tell him a white lie. Some men are insecure and feel intimidated by ladies who had sampled more than three men. You can insist on not answering the question because it’s ridiculous. Spare him the details because many of them can’t handle the truth they seek.

Don’t Kill Your Dreams in order to remain with him.

Among the things a woman shouldn’t do for a man is to kill her dreams in order to remain with him.

If you love each other, you ought to be able to find a way to make things work.

Don’t let him talk you out of your dreams and aspirations. You shouldn’t have to choose between your man or your dreams.

Don’t get a breast, hip or face surgery merely to please a man.

If he insists that you look a particular way just to make him feel good, then you definitely don’t need him.

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