KEEN Inc. Critical Coastlines Grant program 2018 | How to Apply

KEEN Inc. Critical Coastlines Grant program 2018 is currently ongoing and applications are welcome from around the globe. KEEN Inc. is an American footwear company that is based in Portland, Oregon.

The company manufactures all kinds of footwear, pants shorts, tops, bags, etc for men and women. KEEN is currently seeking applicants for its critical coastlines grant program that funds community-based or non-profit organizations around the world that help to improve the maintenance of coastal ecosystems.

This program helps to tackle coastal ecosystem collapse, climate change, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, overfishing and other natural disasters that have the capacity to negatively impact coastal ecosystems. The amount for this grant is $10, 000.

The KEEN’s corporate social responsibility program known as the KEEN Effect enlightens communities to preserve and protect the natural environment through strategic advocacy and supply chain detoxification. The very good thing about this grant is that it welcomes application from around the world.

Grant career

KEEN Inc. Critical Coastlines Grant program 2018 Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for this grant, the individual or organization must be doing one of the following activities

  • The individual or organization must be able to use nature-based strategies or biological infrastructures to protect coastal ecosystems
  • Utilize economic incentives like the ecosystem services payments to sustain natural resources
  • Have means in place to control coastline pollutions
  • Initiate education programs that promote traditional and scientific knowledge that stops unsustainable practices
  • Develop creative strategies that help coastal ecosystems adapt to emerging threats
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All interested candidates are required to visit Critical Coastlines Grant Program for all the application details.

KEEN Inc. Critical Coastlines Grant program 2018 Application Deadline

Application for the KEEN Inc. Critical Coastlines Grant Program 2018 closes on 30th September 2018.

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