Justin Bieber Was Asked About Proposing to Selena Gomez (VIDEO)

    Justin Kissing Selena

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shook both their fandoms this year when they unexpectedly reunited, and, because of this, eagle-eyed fans have been watching their every move. The most recent thing to catch shippers’ attention, though? A new paparazzi video which has some convinced that Justin is going to pop the question to Selena sometime soon.

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    Though Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship found a standstill (for the first time) back in 2012 after four years of dating, most fans assumed it was over for good by 2014, when they both announced that these were single. But Justin and Selena’s relationship has appeared to weave in and out of clarity for fans, and it peaked recently when they returned together rigtht after Selena’s split up from The Weeknd.

    Though things in Jelena world have been finding out about, some fans think that this reconciliation isn’t just fleeting. TMZ published a video of a paparazzo asking Justin whether or not he was going to propose to Selena. And though Justin doesn’t say anything, he smiles widely and then enters his car to drive away, continuing to smile. Though it is by absolutely no means a confirmation that any such thing like that will happen, some individuals think it’s more telling than not.

    Watch when he was asked in the video below

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