Insanity. Woman Posts “Obituary” of Herself on Her Timeline

A Nigerian woman has been insulted and ridiculed on social media after she shared her obituary photos on social media which ended up being a stunt.

Ayanfe Bassey has received many insults and messages for the stunt

A Nigerian girl, Ayanfe Bassey has been bashed on social media after she pulled what many termed a ‘foolish’ stunt by flooding her Facebook timeline with obituary photos while posting RIP to herself.

Bassey posted about 21 photos showing her with a white cotton wool covering her nose and mouth indicating that she was dead.

Insanity. Woman Posts "Obituary" of Herself on Her Timeline

She followed the images with the caption “RIP”. A lot of her friends who saw the photos thought she had died unsure that it absolutely was a senseless stunt.

She later wrote after a deluge of curse messages from Nigerians bombarded her page: “I do it for one purpose bt don’t see it as am stupid tinx okay. Sha out to my niggars and bloody stupid fellow.” (sic)


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