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Owing to how popular and flexible network carriers has been over the years, various codes have been generated for diverse purposes.

Airtel, whose customers has grown largely, attracting majorly all lovers of the internet, has not been left behind in this modern development of codes.

Do you know how annoying it could be, when you find yourself in a remote area, with a critical need to make a call, while you’re short of airtime. Especially, when all efforts to get from petty traders was in vain.

Of course a thought of borrowing could roll through your mind but you can think of yourself as a dummie, when your head can in no way decode the code for such purpose.

Borrowing Of Cash Just Got Easy With Airtel

Just as the name Airtel flows with airtime, the air planted code for recharging your phone via borrowing is 500.

As simple as the steps are, all you need do is go by the following guide;
Note: To borrow airtime on airtel, you need to be a consistent subscriber for at least three (3) months and must have loaded a minimum of N250 monthly.

. Pick up your phone and dial *500*amount#. For example *500*100#, to borrow N100. Bear in mind that the amount you’ll receive is less 10% service charge.

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