Hurricane Irma: Major Evacuation Ongoing, 6Million People to Leave Florida

‘This is a storm that will kill you if you don’t get of the way’

‘We can rebuild your homes, but we can’t rebuild your lives’ – Governor of Florida


Hurricane Irma - World News
World News

The largest evacuation in US history is ongoing as much more than 5.6million individuals have been instructed to come out of Florida before Category 5 Hurricane Irma strikes the Sunshine State.

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The state Gov. Rick Scott pressed people that had not still left yet to leave as quickly as possible on Friday.

He warned people who plan to stay, that they might have to ride out the threatening storm at their own risk.

He outlined that the major anxiety about the powerful hurricane is the forecasted storm surge which will come with the lashing gusts of wind and heavy rains.

This particular storm has got the potential to do $125billion worth of damage when it strikes Miami and possibly much more, Dailymail Reports

Irma has brought on damage in the Caribbean, killing around 24 and leveling entire islands.

Hurricane Irma: Major Evacuation Ongoing, 6Million People to Leave Florida

Large-scale damage has been reported on Barbuda and St Martin, with over 90 percent of structures damaged.

The hurricane currently is battering the northern coast of Cuba.

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