How To Write A Memo

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Writing a memo, is something most people aren’t familiar with, as many were only taught how to write various forms of letter with memo not basically considered as something yo be learnt.

Memorandum is simply a great way in communicating big decisions or policies change to your employees or colleagues.

Drafting out a memo with all perfection as regards to writing, helps in conveying the message across with ease, thereby meeting the importance of such a memo.

Guides On Writing A Memo

Knowing a memo to be a formal business communication, you should en-devour to address the readers formally. Below are the parts of a memo in acting as a guide for you, when preparing one.

Heading : The heading of a memo should include a label (memorandum) with 15 inches (38cm) from the page top, the recipient address, additional recipient in the CC line, your name in the ‘From’ line, Date and Subject.

To: All colleagues
CC: Imaeruaka Joseph
From: Inbuilt Wisdom
Date: August 27, 2018
Subject : Quenching stubbornness among st colleagues

The Body : While putting up the body of a memo, you need to consider firstly, who the audience should be. Tailoring the tone, length and level of formality of the memo to certain audience, makes them respond better. So also in the case of salutation.

writing technic, writing skill, writing, memo, how to write a memo, guide on writing memo, Gist gist

Skip any form of formal salutation, feel free to dive into the matter at hand. Introduce the matter of discussion rather than considering the ‘Dear Mr……’ you did like to do. Paragraphing should be done accurately.

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Introduce the problem or issues in the first paragraph, stating why it matters. It can take up to one paragraph. For a guide, assume such a paragraph like an abstract or a summary of the memo.
After a perfect introductory paragraph, the following paragraphs of the memo’s body should give a context to the issue at hand, supporting your course of actions, suggesting the action/actions which readers should take and finally, the summary.

The summary as possessed by the final paragraph should restate the next steps to address the issue at hand. Of course, it should include a worm note that reiterates the solidarity of your organisation.

Format: For easy readability, you should format your memo properly, using its’ standard format.
front – 12 points
type -Times New Roman or Arial
margin – 1 inch on left, right and bottom side
style – block paragraph

Note: A memo does not include a signature line but you should ‘initial the memo’ with a pen in the header. write your initials next to your name. This indicates that you have approved the memo.

Consider whether you want to use a template instead of writing a memo from scratch. If so, your first course of action should be to search online for some good memo templates.

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