How To Use Remita In Making Payments

Remita is an online platform which can be used in making various forms of payments, ranging from buying WAEC pins, buying electricity token, buying airtime, setup standing order, pay biller, pay FGN and state TSA, pay an invoice and lots more.

Paying an Invoice with Remita

To pay an invoice is as easy as ever using Remita, all you need do is flow with these little steps as guide in getting the task done/completed.

Using your phone or PC, whichever you prefer can do this task. Firstly, you need not be told that an internet connection and debit card are required.

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gist, finance
gist, finance
gist, finance
gist, finance
remita payment


  • Using your browser, visit
  • Click on “Pay an Invoice”
  • Click on “Pay E-Invoice”
  • From the field provided, key in the RRR (that is the Remita code, which is the 10 digit number representing/identifying with the account payment is to be made to). Then click on “Submit”.
  • On the “How do you want to pay?” field, click on Card. As this tells Remita your choice of payment (that is through your debit card). Note that other options exist, as it’s a matter of choice and convenience.
  • Key in your full name as inscribed on your debit card in the “Card holder Name” field, your card number in the “Card number” field, the expiring date in the “Card expiring date” field and lastly the CCV (which is the italized three digit number at the back of your card) in the “CCV” field.
  • Click on “Submit”.

After completion of the above step, on submission, your bank sends you a six digit OTP, which will be requested by Remita.

  • Key in the OTP in the “OTP” field provided for authorization of payment.
  • Then click on “Pay”

Remita will give you a feedback response to let you know if payment was successful or not.

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