How to Start Up a Shop Like Bet9ja in Nigeria

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It has being the dream of many upcoming entrepreneurs to venture into the betting business as agents but most are discouraged along the way especially because they don’t know some basic information which would help them. Some are discouraged because of the cost of opening a betting shop; while I’m not saying it is cheap, yet it is possible to run a cost-effective betting with the right information. Here, we have prepared three basic things you need to know in order to open your own betting shop.

1. Learn the Basic Skills

In order to do well, it will be best to learn some basic skills that will be discussed here. First, you must study the betting franchise your target audience (I will refer to them as ‘punter’) prefer and the cost of registering with them. After that, you will compare them with other betting companies. No two betting companies are the same so you have to evaluate which ones have the best incentives to clients and you, the agent, their commission rates, and if the guidelines are suitable. Second, since betting shops involves technology, it is wise to learn a little about computers or at least employ someone who does. However, it is not enough to have a computer- literate cashier but it is expedient to.have one who knows a little about customer relations because most people are easily pissed out with sassy cashiers . Truth be told, no one knows it all, but with time you will adapt to these skills if you continue practicing them.

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2. Find a Suitable Location for Your Bet Shop

It is accurate to say the the target audience of every betting franchise are the youths (18+) so while locating a betting shop, it is best to look out for a vicinity with clusters of youths. Note however, it is not advisable to open a betting shop very close to an existing shop so that it won’t look like a competition. It is even better to locate your betting shop in an area with no exposure to betting and break grounds there before others discover the goldmine there. Also, for a newbie, it is better to look for a shop in an environment with constant electricity supply to cut cost but statistics show that punters prefer a betshops with standby generators especially those who can charge the phones of their whole family while booking a game of 100 bucks. Thus, this is a strategic way to attract cloners if you can afford it.

3. Get Up-to-date Equipments

This part is the hardest part and capital intensive. Certain basic equipments such as a counter, modern desktop computers, and a fast internet LTE connection are essential while establishing a betting shop. Whereas the betting company will provide you with equipments such as banner of the betting company and thermo receipt printers, there are other essential equipments that will help the smooth running of your betting venture. These equipments include; televisions for virtual games, a big LCD television for viewing love matches (if you can afford it) and available sitting spots for your clienteles. It is also expedient to have a standby generator and fans for comfort. You may not purchase all the equipments at once but a little input here and there will make your betting shop the haven you want it to be. Remember, customers’ satisfaction is utmost in betting and so you must the ‘extra oil’ that draws punters to your shop.

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