How to Make Money as A Stay-at-Home Mom

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How to Make Money as A Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mommy has its benefits but one of the downsides is that you don’t earn an income.

Moms have numerous skills which include multi-tasking and planning that can help them run a good home based business. The best part about these ideas is that you can do them without letting go of too much precious time with your kids.

Make Money From Your Hobbies

Turn your favourite pastime into something lucrative. It’s the ideal way to make money. Besides you will be able to do that you love daily and you will also make money doing it. Start small considering that being a stay-at-home can get pretty busy and you want to be able to give your kids and your hobbies the time period they deserve.

Become a Babysitter

One skill that you can do with your eyes closed is looking after your children. So why not make some extra cash looking after other people’s kids? You can offer a babysitter service to just friends and family if you don’t want the daily commitment of running a creche at home. A creche will also call for obtaining the necessary documentation and authorization from officials, and you should only go that way should you be serious about it.

Become a Mommy Blogger

You don’t have to be an expert article writer to turn into a blogger. The truth is, writing about your own personal experiences that showcase your style is what will help you engage with your readers. 10 years ago, no person would have taken blogging seriously but these days companies are falling over themselves trying to collaborate with bloggers.

Setting up a blog is also inexpensive because sites like WordPress have free web templates you can use to start. Once your blog is up and running you can work on making unique theme designs and promoting your content online to build your audience.

Did we mention that you can even get lots of freebies? Running a blog takes plenty of commitment and diligence so don’t be obsessed about getting free stuff – that’s only a bonus.

Car Driving

If you’re a great driver and you also have a big sized car, you could provide a school transport service to children in your area. You can also service only one school – preferably the one your child goes to. You will need the necessary permits for transporting kids so ensure you do some research before telling moms about your service.

Take Pictures

Are you good behind the camera? If you are, why not use the skill to make some extra money.

You can begin by offering to take photos at kid’s parties that friends and family are throwing. Professional photographers can be quite costly, so moms seeking to cut their budget will jump at the chance. Soon you will have a collection of work to show prospective clients outside of your inner circle.

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