How To Make Money Online With Just N300

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It is no news that cash can be made online through various platforms, working in line with tasks each of such platforms requires.

This post will be revealing to you, how money can be made online specifically with just a token of Three hundred naira N300.

Surprised right?

Do you think it’s impossible? Relax as this post will have you cleared. With just N300, you can start your own business online, earning cash as you put in necessary effort.

What’s the business deal all about?

Knowledge they say, rules the world and at some point in time, you are a little more knowledgeable about a topic than others seeking information on such topics. If that be the case, how then do you relate your knowledge to get others informed? Can you earn from that act of yours? Wahclass is a platform that helps people make money online with just N300. It is a knowledge based platform.

How does Wahclass work?

Wahclass is just like owing a monetized website, were a system handles the monetized aspect of the website, leaving you with a single task of writing. When you register, you would be asked ten (10) questions, which includes your abilities, passion, interest, qualification and the topic you wish to share with the world. On filling the necessary fields and sending, you would be redirected to a page where you would be asked to pay a sum of three hundred naira N300 (note, for those oversees, an equivalent some of 1$ is to be paid). This sum of money is tagged the processing fee, which allows the system process your submission.

The system on receiving your submission, carry out a research known as feasibility study. It studies your offer, the market, what people online are reading, what they are interested in, what people are looking for and so on. The system points out the areas where you can fit in, based on your offer (that’s your submission) and drafts out topics containing certain keywords people are looking for, which you can offer. Then the system sends you an email, which will give you an idea of the area you can actually write and what people are going to appreciate.

After this process is completed, logging into your account, you would have your dash board displayed before you, which means you can start writing. Note that it is a good idea to write based on the areas contained in the email sent to you. As you write, you attract visitors overtime. The more you keep publishing, the more the system compiles your writings into an ebook, which will be on your profile with a price tag based on the market. This ebook will be ready for sale to all those in searching for what you offer. And as soon as a purchase is made, it pops up on your dash board.

Wahclass brings out the best in you, packing them up and selling to yield profit just for you. The system does the selling while you are left with the task of writing.

In addition, wahclass has a unique feature known as idea pad, available on your dash board. Just in cases which you may have run short of ideas, you can look up your idea pad to raise topics to write on. Topics on the idea pad are guaranteed to sell.

So long as you put in great effort and your best, working with the system guidelines (which may contain tips on areas to improve), you will make more cash than you ever imagine.

Visit WahClass Website to apply.
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Earn up to 80 USD/25,250 NGN Monthly on WahClass

Create a Topic, Discover your niche and make money online, beautifully.


Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

I believe in sharing wisdom with others. Utilizing life to its maximum and blogging is a call for me . Who is Imaeruaka Joseph? Imaeruaka Joseph also known as Inbuilt-Wisdom JIN, is an indigen of Amesi town, in Aguata local government area, Anambra state. Skills? 1. Copy writer (specialty; sales copy) Currently works with Sky blazer ventures, Niger standard industry ltd, Azodo fish farm. 2. Content creator (short stories, articles, memes and poems) Currently works with Andora Novella, Tis foundation and Medium. 3. Author at Amazon (kindle direct publish) Imaeruaka Joseph up to date has six books published on Amazon. -Marriage forum -Wisdom from its inbuilt -The Compile -Did i have sex? - a memoir -Maintenance of some basic electrical components -The poem stream. Reach out to me via email,
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