Revealed At Last – How To Get What You Want

wants, getting things inspire

Mans wants and needs are more numerous than we could ever imagine, be them good bad.

One can get everything good he or she chooses or wish to get simply by, asking of them from the one person, that has everything humans ever wish to have and of course this one person as referred to here is the Almighty, God Himself.

As God has challenged us in the scriptures, leaving us with a promise when he said ” Ask of anything and i shall give unto you” Oh what a great privilege given to men by God out of love.

As if that wasn’t enough, He yet again inscribe a challenge in our hearts when He left us this statement ” If you sinners know how to give good things to your children, how much more your merciful father who is sinless”

Here, He clarifies us on the fact that He knows all the good things we all long to have, even better ourselves. The only requirement He gives, in getting whatever we want is simply by requesting for them with a heart filled with certainty that He is above all and for that reason He’s capable of handling our various challenges.

So in the real sense, if you are not getting the good things you want, i guess you’re the one withholding yourself because you’ve got no barriers.


wants, getting things inspire

Cool off with this poem written by Imaeruaka N. J


All Things Are Possible

Life with all its troubles

getting us absolutely surrounded

with tonnes of events thrown round

both positive and negative

all control lost over


As sickness inflicts some

desperation rolls in

a struggle to quick recovery occupies the brains tracks


How painful it is

laying on a sick bed

watching yourself diminish slowly

life lost its meaning you thought


How painful it is

when hunger strikes you hard

with no sight of quenching

never minding efforts implored


Oh! how painful it is to love

and not to be loved in return

as the heart got no choice

rather starts a bleed


How painful it is

working hard all life long

with no evidence to console one

never minding sacrifices atone


Majority read through books

to pick little for understanding

like earth backed them off

all efforts to this wasted

how painful this could be

as exams dates remains unmoved


Many struggle towards perfection

in fields they got firm hold

how painful it all did be

when such struggles yields failure



my voice arises above all

rising through hearts

for my message got a gift

that of healing’s  power


Life could be so unpredictable

with various situations thrown round


Happy are those who win with patience

over all situations

as they got the keys to earth treasures

the need of God in our life surfaces


Why lost hope?

when something can be hoped for


Why lost trust on all?

when someone could still be trusted


Oh yes!

as all are bound to change

He got change’s power overruled


There’s no need staring at hearts broken

you don’t need to weep no more

complaining got no need

you don’t need to be angry

you also don’t need to be sad


All you need do

is lifting up your head

to the master mind of all situations

handing over to Him

the control wheel of life


That single act of yours

can do the unimaginable

for He alone is love

and with love

all things are possible.





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