How to make your Business appear on Google

It is the desire of small businesses to be on the internet and also visible to the customers. It is one thing to be on the internet and another thing is to be found by the customers. It is the desire of every small business, that it is found by those who need its product or service, because if it is not found, no new sells will be made or no new service will be paid for. These are what Google my business provides.

Google my business

What is Google my business?

Google My Business provides your business an effective way to be found. Google My Business shows these information about your business to a user, at the side of the user’s search.

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business telephone number
  • Business logo
  • Photographs of your business
  • One-click direction, call and website buttons
  • Popular times
  • Hours of operation
  • Reviews
    Google using its great analytics tracks this information and gives the business an accurate pulse on how often customers are looking for them.

How Google my business works

Google composes local business listings based on several different sources. These include user edits, third party providers, verified business owner information, and several other sources compiled into Google’s business listings. When you create and make edits to your Google My Business profile, Google will ask you to verify your account by entering a PIN. The PIN can be either sent to the organization’s physical address or phone number. [ See also : Revealing Network Marketing Secrets of thriving through these economic times]

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Benefits of verification

It is important you go through Google’s verification process. Once you do, Google My Business will offer your business the following benefits:

Make your business more accessible and more easily found on Google. Google uses the information about your business to fill the local search results.
More effectively read and respond to your customers’ reviews
Review metrics and analyze analytics about how your customers are searching for your business. In addition, you can learn the geographic region your customers originate.

How to set up Google my business

Visit Google business homepage 

Once on the Google my business page, click on “start now” at the top right hand corner.

Input your business details. Once your business details have been filled, click on “continue”. You will then be prompted to verify your business information.

Google will then create your Google My Business profile and account. Once that is done, you will be asked to verify the address of your business so that they can send you the verification postcard.

You can verify later, but I think it is better you verify your business right away or as soon as possible because it will take a few business days (and you may need to submit for verification again in some cases) to complete.

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After you verify your business address for the postcard, you can now access your Google My Business dashboard.

You can add your company logo from the “Home” section on your dashboard, your company photographs, edit your company info, it will as well give you the ability to analyze insights for your business and look at customer reviews (once your business profile is verified). Under the “Info” section of your dashboard, you can update your company address, telephone number, business hours, website, etc. You can also unpublish your profile.

Under the “Photos” section of your dashboard, you can manage the photos in your business profile. From the ones that are presented upon your search results or specific categories (team, exterior and photos at work). Many customers use images of your business as an insight into the atmosphere and the quality of your services.

Now that your profile is up

Now that everything is set, begin to ask for a review from your customers.

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