How to Come Up With a Vision Statement for Your Business

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Vision, Mission. Goal

A vision statement is a written or oral declaration of an organization’s objective for the purpose of guiding its internal decision making,

A Vision statement is not limited to business organisations alone. It could also be used for non-profit or governmental entities. It is necessary for you to have a vision statement for your startup or your business and this article is going to point out ways in which you can come up with a vision statement for your business.

A vision statement is futuristic. To write a vision statement for your business you or your group have got to identify why you are in the business, the innovation you seek to achieve, the problem you intend to solve your core objective for the startup and put them in words.

It is more easy when the idea is clear to you so it is recommended that you work on your idea till it becomes clear to you before you pen down your vision statement.

Coming Up with a Mission Statement

Vision and Mission

A mission statement could be seen as the aim and objectives of your startup or your company. What you set out to do, what you are doing what you intend to achieve. In writing a mission statement you’ve got to put in those connected to your business. A good mission statement is concise,

Elements of a Vision Statement

A typical vision statement should contain the following

  1. It’s futuristic. Present tenses work as well.
  2. Note down the values and principles that you want to cultivate
  3. Write down the impact you intend to make in your family or company or the world etc.
  4. Set an audacious goal
  5. Set standards
  6. Make it enthusiastic and inspiring

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