How To Break All Barriers And Attain Success

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Here is the new real deal on how you can break all barriers and attain success.

Growing up as a kid, I was so stubborn, like one who was possessed by some sort of spirits.

I was always found fighting with siblings and friends.

I always wanted things to be done my way…

Something from within gave me strength to stand my ground, maintaining those stubborn decisions of mine…

And that was why I could withstand numerous beating from people I crossed lane with, especially those who found my attitude irritating and needed to correct me.


People started having a view of me, being the black sheep of the family. Most times, I would rise to fight with weapons…silly me.

Something happened one day.

On that faithful day, I was due for the usual beating/flogging, which followed my silly act of stubbornness.

I refused doing the house chores allocated to me…

My elder siblings were ready to beat the living hell out of me, to ensure I got the job done, changing my decision.

Within me, I already made a conclusion not to do that work and not even their beating would get me a change of thought.

Mom did the unusual that day…

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She gave them these words that seem to have sunk down my memory after that day.

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She said, ‘leave him alone, he’s going to change’.

Days after days…

Weeks after weeks and years after years, when I lamented on these words of mom, I felt a need for self discovery, as I thought I was yet to recognize self.

When I was 12, I got into high school, a boarding school and a military one for that matter (Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta Ogun state, Nigeria) with the light of stubbornness still shining.

I had my first fight on the first day in school. LOL.

This dude while we were discussing called me a “bastard”. I didn’t resume with other students in my level, I joined after a week. So I didn’t know “bastard” was seen as a word to use in place of “guy”.

So instead of saying, “see this guy”, one could say, “see this bastard”. That’s the military for you.

I didn’t understand then that the dude wasn’t insulting me, LOL. (I bet only few can relate). I took it for an insult and that was what lead to a fight, and a whip from a senior student to correct us, as fighting wasn’t allowed.

Later on that evening, a friend from same primary school (Nigerian Navy Nursery & Primary School, Okokomaiko Lagos state, Nigeria) with me by name, Akor John Akor , got me cleared, saying it was all normal, as he resumed before me.

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I and John became really close, since we were from same base (school). His attitude was superb, far different from mine. He wasn’t stubborn. He was good and then began to influence me without his knowledge.

Not long, before I rounded up class one, I had taken off my coat of stubbornness, returning home during breaks as a new being.

As expected, hommies were all surprise. While some doubted, as they felt I could still display some atoms of stubbornness, some others felt time would tell if I was truly changed.

You may be thinking… how does this story relates to you, how you can make money or how you can put on the crown of success in no time.

This story holds two main points to help you achieve whatsoever you want.

First, you must believe in yourself. If you believe you can achieve something, you definitely would. I believed I would change and so did my mom and I changed.

Finding someone who believes in you, has a magical effect towards greatness.

Many do not believe in themselves…

They don’t believe they can be successful, simply because of temporary defeats.

You can’t be among them. Don’t be among them. Believe in what you do and you will succeed.

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You mustn’t ignore this fact, as it serves a s the foundation of greatness.

Secondly, create a right environment for success if you desire success. Surround yourself with successful people, achievers, believers and winners…magnet only people with right attitude.

I had John close by with a right attitude and that was why I could change so easily for good. Of course if I had a crook close by, I would have turned into something else.

Don’t deceive yourself. The people you surround yourself with, influence you either directly or indirectly. They make up your story.

You can make a positive shift or a negative one. Its all in your hands.

For reading this, I know you are on the right track and you will definitely succeed.

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