How this one simple chess secret will transform your life…

In the game of chess, most amateurs have their next 1 to 3 moves planned.

Most pro players have their next 4 to 8 moves planned.

And chess grandmasters have their next 11 to 15 moves planned.

But here’s what’s interesting. The game of chess is a lot like the game of life.

Let me ask you. How far do most people think ahead?

Today, tomorrow, and maybe next week?

You see, most people live life like an amateur chess player.

They only know their next 3 moves…

They have NO CLUE what’s going to happen after that…

They don’t know what will happen next month. They don’t know what will happen next year. And they have no idea where they’ll be a few years from now.

They just hope that things will work out for them. And when things inevitably don’t – they just say “eh, well that’s life.”

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you don’t want to live life like that.

You’re one of the few that, like a chess grandmaster, wants to plan several moves ahead…

…so that you can live life without going from paycheck to paycheck.

So that you can grow your business predictable and sustainably.

Or even so that you can have more time to be with your loved ones.

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If you’re interested in any of those things, here’s what you can do.

How To Think 11 Moves Ahead Like A Chess Grandmaster

Here are 3 things, you can start doing today, that all grandmaster chess players do – that’ll help you plan out your path to success with ease:

1. They have a coach/mentor.

It doesn’t matter how good they become, chess grandmasters always have someone to coach and support them. Someone that will point out the weaknesses they wouldn’t usually see in themselves…

Someone that will challenge them to think harder than they’ve ever thought before…

And someone that will be there for them during the times when they want to give up.

When you have a mentor in your life, it becomes easier to see where you’ve been going wrong or what you’ve been missing.

2. They learn from their mistakes.

The truth is, most people don’t like thinking about their mistakes. It makes them uncomfortable and stressed. And so most people avoid thinking about them altogether…

They continue in life making the same mistakes over and over again.

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Chess grandmasters, on the other hand, accept their mistakes. And they study the games they lost.

They are humble enough to realize that they are just human and that they make mistakes like everyone else.

But they also know that their mistakes don’t define them. And they quickly move on with a lesson.

When you learn from your mistakes, you’ll find it easier to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

3. They learn from the best.

“success leaves clues”.

And it’s true in chess too.

Chess grandmasters get all the chess books they can. They study the games of other masters. And they see how they can bring new ideas to their own games.

They’re not afraid of learning from others, or accepting that they aren’t the smartest or best.

They know that the only way they’ll get better is by staying humble.

When you learn from others, it’s like a cheat sheet to life. Instead of working it all out yourself, why not just follow a proven path to success?

Now, you may be thinking.

“how do these 3 things help me to think further ahead?”

Well, the answer is:


The real reason amateur chess players can only see 3 moves ahead is because they don’t have any clarity.

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When they look at the chessboard in front of them, and they look at all their pieces, they don’t know what they’re looking for!

Have you ever felt the same way about your situation?

You see in life, it is the same. When most people look at their life, they struggle to know what to make of it.

They’re lost. And they can’t even see the opportunities right under their nose.

To get the kind of clarity only the most successful people usually experience, stay tuned with us here at Millitime to discover what high-income skill you were meant for.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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