How Legit is the NNU Income Program?

Are you tired of frequently hoping to have enough cash to afford a particular thing but not knowing how it’ll come? Or you’re a really busy person but seriously need an extra income. Would you like to earn that income as fast and as easy as you can? Without stressing yourself out or letting it interfere with your already busy schedule? And I mean a very legit, very safe, very low risk and easy paying income. Then I think this program is just what you need. The program I’m about to introduce to you is one of the easiest, legitimate and fastest way of making money in Nigeria if you’re not the lazy type.

Note: It is not a Ponzi scheme! The only money you risk(well, if you start you’ll know the money isn’t even at risk) is ₦1,600 only… To some, this amount may be a small amount, to others it may be a substantial amount(it is, after all, money) but for this program, it is a relatively moderate amount compared to what you’ll earn afterwards.

It is strictly for registration and it is a one-time payment. This money is the only money you’ll pay to get started on your way to making thousands of Naira every month!. You can just stay in the comfort of your bedroom and click your way to thousands of Naira- IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK! The work would even be little compared to the amount you’d earn in a month. This sounds really tasty, right? Like a wish, right?

Well, It would interest you to know that a new website going by the name, “Nigerian News Update(NNU)” is promising to make your wishes come true with respect to the speed and ease with which you want to earn money.

NNU Income Program, NNU, make money make-money

This organization /website has created an Income Program known as NNU Income program(NIP) to help empower and employ so many Nigerians looking for extra income…After reading this article you’ll know how to start making ₦40,000+ monthly with the NNU income.

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The method is very easy. Simply create an Account with NNU with N1600, Share updates from your dashboard and get paid straight into your Bank Account. As easy and as legit as that.
What is the NNU Income Program? It is a program made by NNU in order to create online employment for different classes of
people ranging from Undergraduate students to housewives and even average class people who are in need of a side income.

This NNU Income program(NIP) is classified into two:

b) NAP

1) NARS is short for NNU Ad Revenue Sharing. This lets participants earn by just logging into their accounts every day, reading the latest news, sharing sponsored posts on social media,commenting and posting on forum topics. Money is earned when NNU distributes part of their monthly Ad Revenues with people participating in this package.

2) NAP which is short for “NNU Affiliate Program”. This package automatically sets all registered and approved accounts as affiliates. The account holders earn 62.5% commission for each referral. This means if you invite someone or someone registers using your referral link, the website automatically gives you 62.5% of their registration fee. The registration fee is #1,600 only and is a one-time payment.

Imagine if you have tons of friends online and you wish to focus mainly on referrals, you could be earning a lot in a short while.
In a month, let’s imagine you refer 20 people and they fully register. You’ll have earned 20×₦1000=₦20,000 cash in a month from referrals ONLY! WOW! How nice right? As long as you put in the work.

Then if you include other earnings how much more will be earned in a month? Think about it! BENEFITS Even though NIP is classified into two, you, fortunately, have the chance to earn from both parties for as low as ₦1,600. How do I get paid for everything else? From just daily logging in you get ₦50+ each day. Just log into the website and browse, that’s all! In a month, you can generate ₦50 + 30 = ₦1500 just by logging into your account. This is no joke! This is no Ponzi scheme. It is real and has been tested. So many people are earning over a hundred thousand Naira every month from the NIP. It all depends on your hard work and dedication.

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You might start by asking how NNU make money for themselves. I’m getting to that bit. NNU makes money through the Ad revenues. They make money when you go online to their website and from ads on their site.

They created this NIP program to help you and help them! This means that by paying you for browsing on their site and referring friends, you, in turn, attract online traffic to their sites. This lets them get prospective clients for Ads and it’s with these Ads that you share that you get paid from! Simple as that! So you see? It’s an actual business and not a scam. Without you, they cannot grow their traffic and get popular so they devised this program as a means to get traffic and also pay you while they’re at it.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. No one is cheating the other. Everything is systematic and legitimate.

Now, how do you earn when you log into your account?

  • For commenting on forum posts you earn ₦2 for each comment you post.In as much as you earn while you read, you can also earn on NNU by being a consistent writer. You earn ₦100 for each and every approved, well-thought-out, articulated and useful topic you post on the forum.
  • Also, for sharing certain sponsored posts you find on your dashboard, you receive ₦100 too. Some people would try to pull a fast one by deleting the shared posts immediately its been posted and accredited because they wouldn’t want it “staining” or “flooding” their timelines. That has to be avoided if you’d like to get your not-so-hard-earned money by the end of the month. This is because on payday, NNU reviews your timeline and if no shared sponsored post is seen, no credit alert for you!
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The payment is usually done monthly and by the end of each month, which should be from the 27th to the 31st of every month. Therefore, you have to request for a withdrawal on the 25th of each month or it rolls over to the next month.

On the registration form, you will have already put in your account and bank details. This is the account that the earnings will be paid to. However, you cannot withdraw if your total earnings are below ₦5,000.


1)Fill the form with your correct details. Default referral is 8faculty

2) You can use Paystack as a payment option and the registration fee of N1,600 using your Debit card or pay through a coupon.

3) Immediately, the fee is paid your account will be instantly approved.

4) Log into your account and begin making Money!! Goodluck!

Click here to register for NNU Income Program

If you have any questions, chat with NNU Assistant via the button below.

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