Horror: How Teenager Survived by Licking Drops of Water for 3 Days After Being Trapped in a Cave

A student has survived simply by licking drops of water for as much as three days after he was trapped inside a cave without finding help.

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Lukas Cavar

Lukas Cavar, a 19-year-old academy student has managed to survive for three days locked in a cave without food or water after becoming separated from his group throughout a class trip.

According to Metro UK, Lukas Cavar was reportedly on a caving expedition with a club when he was left behind and locked in the Sullivan Cave in southern Indiana.

The 19-year-old got stuck after achieving the cave’s gated entrance and then find it padlocked last Sunday.

He shouted out for eight hours in a bid to attract anyone’s attention but no one came.

His cellular phone was struggling to get signal either, the Indiana Daily Student academy newspaper reported.

It was only until three days later that Lukas’ parents called the academy and reported their son missing on Tuesday night.

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The student was trapped in this cave

Talking with the Indiana Daily, the student, who’s studying Physics, said: ‘I was very confused and pretty scared.
‘It took me a time to wrangle my emotions and type of approach things analytically, sensibly, to come up with a casino game plan to survive. ’

A couple of hours later after he was reported missing, a leader of the Caving Club rescued him.

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He didn’t seek treatment and instead returned to his academy halls, the paper said.

On Wednesday, Lukas wrote on his Facebook: ‘Just wanted to let everyone understand that I’m secure!
‘Just got rescued about 30 minutes ago. Boy, it’s good to be right back on the top! ’

Based on the student paper, the club would not touch upon how he became separated from the group.

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