Here Is What No One Told You About Problems And being A Solver

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Problem solving

In life, we can’t live without facing problems. Problems are essential features of life. They come in different magnitude. One after another, like the waves in the ocean.

Are you supposed to be scared of problems?

Of course not. They would always come, whether you like it or not. Problems are minor challenges man faces in a game called life.

Since problems must always come around, what then must you do to become a greater person? The answer is simple. Become a problem solver.

When you learn to be a problem solver, you also become good at the game of life. Greatness becomes very close to you, wealth begins to knock on your door, and success becomes a routine.

How can you become a good problem solver you may ask? It all starts with your mind. The you within.

To become a problem solver, you have to see problems as part of the normal world and not something to weigh you down.

Having a positive mind towards problems, saves. Instead of complaining about problems, an act that won’t solve them nor stop more from coming, think of how you can get them solved.

Ask yourself these; then what? What next? What if I do this or that, will this problem be solved? What can I do? What am I missing?

These questions with zeal to solve problems from the mind within, helps the mind reach out to solutions more quickly than mere complaints.

Problems no matter how little or large they may seem, makes you bigger and stronger, they win you awards and buy you promotions.

The more you solve problems, the more complex problems are brought to you to be solved. And the truth is, these tasks never go unrewarded, helping you masters the craft of solving problems.

Taking a final exam, you get promotion to the next level only when you’ve successfully passed (solving a problem rightly).

No upgrades without facing challenges…

No getting better without solving problems…

No making of cash…

The better you’re at solving problems, the more successful you would become.

Those who shy away from solving problems remain stagnant in life. They see problems as something  evil, as a negative thing which isn’t meant to be, something which was never meant for them, they want things always simple, but nature herself isn’t that simple as she got a mix of complexity.

Everything living on earth must face some form of challenge to get better.

In all we do in life, use these universal tools of achieving and attracting whatsoever you want.

  • Say it
  • Visualize it
  • Feel it
  • Take action

When these problems come around, tell yourself you’re going to solve them all. It helps you prepare your mind for a task and the more prepared the mind is, the better chances of solving your problems.

See yourself solving those problems. It might not be easy because you know the problems are still facing you. But you must beat that odd and see yourself as solving the problem. In life, if you can’t have that vision, you practically can’t achieve it. The vision comes first.

Have a feel of what it looks like when your problems are all gone. Throw yourself in that scene and that scene will have no choice but to come to play in real life, as you have reached its frequency. You can’t get something until you operate with same frequency as to what you want.

Be on guard. Take all necessary actions to trash your problems and at the end, you actions would produce positive results.

Be that problem solver the world yells for.

Only problems solvers control the world…the power they possess is unimaginable, and that can be YOU.   

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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