Hangouts App by Google to Power down in 2020

Google Hangouts just isn’t the darling child it used to be. Released in 2013, it had been a well liked among Android users. The SMS integration was remarkably popular as it allowed users to have almost all their messaging in a single app. Unfortunately, Hangouts has slowly been left by the wayside. A fresh report claims Hangouts for consumers will be totally power down by 2020.

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According to sources at 9to5Google, Hangouts for consumers will be turn off sometime in 2020. This upcoming year would be the last of Hangout’s life. This comes as no real surprise to many. Google has mostly forgotten about Hangouts in support of newer messaging apps. Many have likely already ditched the app, but there could still be some who use it daily.

Hangouts’ lifespan was an instant climb to the top followed by a slow fall to the underside. For a short time, it was considered the holy grail of messaging apps by some. In 2016 it was put aside for Allo. Google split up the app into two services and products for G Suite: Meet and Chat. Now, Allo has been abandoned in support of Android Messages. Google’s messaging approach happens to be a mess and this is merely the most recent entry.

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Google’s many attempts at messaging apps has turned into a running joke in the tech community. The company just doesn’t appear to know what they want to do. Allo was a really confusing product launch and it hardly managed to get 2 years before being demoted. Android Messages is their latest attempt and it hopes to use RCS to be a universal app across platforms. We’ll need to wait and see if Google can finally have it right.

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