Guide to Becoming a Millionaire in 6 Months

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Millionaires don’t fall from the sky. They were given birth to as babies and also passed through the biological growth process. Though some are born with a silver spoon, yet many weren’t. Most Millionaires grew from crash to the top and they all got similar characters, although their stories differ.

The truth is, you can actually get to the top if you care to follow what they follow.


1. Get Your Path Defined

The first step to being a millionaire is deciding to be one. You must develop the mindset that you can be one before it can become a reality. Once you have that mindset then you get to define how to make that a reality. Every millionaire had a path they followed. How do you want to make your millionaire dream a reality? What’s your line of business? Do you already have a business you run? If not, do you have a business plan that is executable? It is important to get answers to these questions as they would help you define your path. Your millions won’t fall from the sky, it will come through some channel, and that channel is your duty to create.

2. Follow Proven Strategies

If you already got a defined path or channel where your millions will flow in from, then it is time to work with proven strategies. Here’s the truth: in any field of endeavor your path is defined, there are those who have gone ahead of you. It’s your responsibility to find out how they built up to the level they got to. Here’s why you should consider doing that:

  • So that you don’t repeat their failure.
  • You can climb on their shoulders and move faster.
  • You can see what works and add your creativity to make it even more unique
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3. Pursue Smartly

It’s one thing to get all the secrets to hitting your first million, it’s yet another to implement it. Once you have gotten those keys from those ahead of you, you should implement
them smartly. To implement them smartly is to consider the following:

  • Working with time: One of the best ways to work smartly is to work timely. This
    helps you execute tasks swiftly because you are time-bound.
  • Listing out the strategies you wish to execute sequentially and how you intend to
    execute them. This makes your task easier and faster.
  • Working with a team: If you carry out all the tasks alone, the probability of getting
    exhausted too quickly is high. Assign the minor task to your team while you focus
    on the major ones. This aids you to move at a faster pace.
  • Maximizing the use of available resources : Make the best of what you have, no matter how little.

4. Stay Debt-free

By all means within your ability and value system, stay free from debt. This does not just aid your financial stability but also helps your mind to be a peace. If you can’t afford
luxury at the time, let it be known and defined. One of the ways to stay debt-free is by defining your means and setting clear boundaries on things outside your reach at the moment.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

No matter how money flows into a system, If the expenses are higher than the income, you remain at the same level and have a greater tendency to fall into debt. There are needs and wants. Attend to your needs first and attend to only wants you can foot the bills and are necessary for the moment. Don’t spend your money on things you don’t really need. It takes consistent discipline to get this achieved.

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6. Invest in Assets

Find out assets you can invest in that can bring a high ROI (return on investment). Ensure to invest in assets that you understand their ROI. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of investing in every and any opportunity that shows up with the name “ASSET”. You should have a good knowledge of whatever you decide to invest your money in, be it real estate, stock exchange, or any other thing. In cases where you just have fundamental Knowledge, get a trusted expert to guide you through. Here is a guiding principle I apply personally: NEVER INVEST ON WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

7. Take Calculated Risks

Analyze every and any risk before diving into it. This helps you to weigh the pros and cons and the way out in case of any challenge in the course of execution. Entrepreneurs are known for risk-taking but this risk should be calculated.


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