Guide – How To Make A Perfect SIWES Industrial Training (I.T) Report

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Writing has seem to be a difficult task amongst students over some years. I can boldly tell you that one can become wonderful in writing if guided perfectly well by its skills. Here, the importance of this piece surfaces, as it exposes to us the skill and technique in making that mind blowing industrial training report you so desire, with all completeness.

How To Make A Perfect Industrial Training (I.T) Report

A Run Through To Making An Industrial Training Report

Lets take a look at the standard formats and content for an industrial training report.

Format Of Report

  • Type – typewritten
  • Paper colour – white
  • Paper size – A4
  • Line spacing – 1.5
  • Bound – staple and tape binding
  • Font size – 12 points
  • Type face – Times New Roman(throughout the report)
  • Front cover – 310 gram White art Card

Content Of Report

Title page: Using the right format, your title page should be a clear over view of what such a paper work is all about.
Abstract: This section of the report should consist of a brief description/activities of the organisation, summary of the report and acknowledgement. Note that this section of your report is limited to two pages only.

Table of content: This section of the report should contain titles, sub-titles and their page numbers for easy access through the report. Every appendix must have a title and each page must be page numbered accordingly.

Figures/Tables: All figures, tables and similar contents must be captioned and labeled. Every figure or table must be mentioned in the main text.

List of Notations and Symbols: If your report contains notations and symbols, the full definitions must be given when each notation or symbol first appeared in the main text.

Introduction: Here, the basic purpose of the industrial training is stated, with its advantages as regards to students of various schools. Possibly, the history of SIWES be seconded after the induction.

Background of company/Organisation: There’s this need for a brief history of your place of attachment when making a report. Also, the company major activities/dealings be summarized here.
It houses basically the history, structural organisation of main activity, title and position of the officer in responsible position. Note it shouldn’t be more than three pages.

Summary Of Duties: This part of the report is basically handled by the log book. Where day to day activities are reported in weeks sequence, with satisfaction from the company assigned supervisor. It also contains a brief description of the time duration and types of duty carried out during the training.

The days when the student is not on duty must be properly recorded with reasons given. A letter of permission must be attached in the appendix.

Summary: Students should provide an overall discussion in this section and arrive at a conclusion with regards to the industrial training undergone. You should present basically the type of experience gained, problems, views and recommendations.

References: This surfaces provided there are important resources that were used as references while preparing the report. A complete list of the title of references concern must be included.

  • for books

surname,initials, (year), title of book(in italics), edition, publisher, place of publication, pages

Eg. Harbone J.B, (1998). Phytochemical methods: A guide to modern techniques of plant analysis, 3rd edition, chapman and Hall, London, pp. 36-89

  • for journals

surname, initials, (year), title of article, journal name, volume(No or issue), page(s).

Eg. Onyema C.T and Ajiwe V.E (2014). Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Analysis of the stem of cola gigantea (sterculiaceae), international journal of Engineering and science, 3(4), 1-12

  • websites

Name of editor, web address, retrieval date (wikipedia is not allowed)

Note: References should be arranged alphabetically down i.e if the name of the author in the first reference started with letter ‘B’ then the second reference shouldn’t start with ‘A’, it should start with letter ‘C’ or ‘D’

Appendix: Appendixes on a clear note are additional information considered appropriate to support the main text. Most preferably the investigation/project report during the industrial training and technical drawings


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