The Greatest Confusion Among Youths- The Talent

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A reasonable number of youths have heard of the of the word talent, just few that could boast about the fact that they have recognized theirs.

The world will tend to changes more rapidly, positively if and only if our talents are made to play the roles that they were meant for.

Taking Nigeria as a reference of view, you would be having a country where only few believes in the power and strength hidden in Gods given talents to men. Through this article, i will be throwing more lights on talents, its usefulness when used properly, its destructiveness when used improperly and the level of confusion it could create when not utilized at all.

Talents got lot to do with desire, ability, skill or better tagged, the inclination to do something.

Talents and Purpose

Relating the roles talents plays to things around us- although we are prone to seeing lots of them around us. Just as we put on our cloths to cover our nudes and rather not a bed sheet, we use our tooth brushes for the purpose of washing up our teeth and not really preferring a sponge for such jobs.

It is made very obvious that man created such material things for specific purposes to be met. On the hand, so also Gods creation (man) were made for specific purposes in which only the talent unfolds.

Seeing people engaging in activities that is obviously contrary to their talents, is just as synonymous to having an imagination of one who uses a toothbrush to comb the hair instead of using a hair comb.

In this case, one can actually draw to a conclusion that the wrong use of talents is more or less similar to madness, of which stands to be corrected before it gets too critical.

Peeping from a view centered at making cash with talents, you will definitely find out that the amount of cash one is likely to make through the proper utilization of ones talent, will be just more to sustain generations than that gotten while struggling in the wrong field. Taking a stronger ground, one could probably excel in the wrong field making lots of cash but i bet he or she will definitely make a thousand times what could be achieved on the wrong field, if they danced to the tones of their talents.

The evidence of the above is well displayed in the life of both Bill Gates and Neymar Jr. Utilizing their talents, they have succeeded in making unimaginable wealth/cash that could blow off ones head.

More precisely, what i do love about talents or better still a secret to talents is that when one works hand-in-hand with talents, endurance and patience got a higher level of balance as compared to when not in cooperation. This natural effect helps to keep us going, when the going gets indeed tough. More so, it boost the zeal in us to try alternatives when failure of any kind occurs through our journey, which could further lead to the birth of certain inventions.



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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

I believe in sharing wisdom with others. Utilizing life to its maximum and blogging is a call for me .
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Thelma aka Miss Unique
Thelma aka Miss Unique
4 years ago

Comment:nice,, Pls continue the good work

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