Google Celebrates 19th Birthday with a Surprise Spinner

GOOGLE was started up in a garage by two students and less than 2 decades later, it has become the world’s most popular internet search engine and one of the very powerful companies on the planet.

The search engine’s founders are celebrating its 19th birthday with some surprises for users. Here is all the info.

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Google is celebrating its 19th birthday with a Google Doodle

Search engine Google is celebrating its 19th birthday on September 27.

Back in 1997 Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, met at Stanford University and made a decision to come up with a system to organise the world’s information.

Establishing an office in a garage, they got to work.

The search engine now has 4.5billion users in 160 countries.

Its birthday will be celebrated with a fun search spinner Google Doodle that will link to 19 surprises the search engine has launched over the years – plus the new snake game.

World, Trending, Tech, Google, Gist, Birthdays gist

How can you play the Google snake game?

As part of its birthday celebrations the search engine is launching a version of the classic game snake.

The game will be accessible through its birthday surprise spinner.

The spinner will be shown as a Google Doodle on the search engine’s homepage.

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