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Goat Dies After Eating Part of a Food Intended for a Family in Abuja

The residents of a community at the federal capital territory, Abuja, were left in total shock after a goat died instantly after consuming a meal meant for a family.

‎A Facebook user identified as Emmanuel Ukachukwu‎, has taken to the social networking platform to share the story of how a goat died after eating part of a food intended for a family at the federal capital territory, Abuja.

He posted the photos and wrote;

“I bless the Lord how he deliver me and my people from poison. It happen that my Sister left the pap she just grate (grand) outside because she’s not with key, so when we all came back in the night, the little that fell to the ground was given to the goat.

“After service on sunday morning the goat died. I thank God because if not for that, we will all take that pap this morning and all die, but God save us. Praise the Lord.”

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