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Germany disappoints U.S, refuses to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli’s capital

The Israeli ambassador to Germany has expressed his country’s disappointment that Berlin does not want to follow the US example and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“Yes, I’m disappointed by that,” Israeli Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff told Funke media group newspapers in remarks released early Friday. Jerusalem US President Donald Trump sparked a diplomatic firestorm last week when he recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and decided to move the country’s embassy there, upending decades of US policy.

Following Trump’s announcement last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government does not support Trump’s stance, as Jerusalem’s status ought to be determined as part of a two-state solution. Trump had done nothing but state the reality in Jerusalem, Issacharoff asserted. Issacharoff said he felt that peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians was only possible if Jerusalem was recognized as the Israeli capital.

Israel views all of Jerusalem as its “unified” capital while the Palestinian Authority government says that East Jerusalem, which contains Jewish, Muslim, and Christian holy sites and over 300,000 Palestinian residents, must be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

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