The Fraud of US Marines out on African Bases

The US Marine troops in Western african bases and embassies have been caught stealing tens of millions and engaging in leaking and the selling out us classified intel and has led to the loss or possible theft of millions of dollars asked to be secured and apprehended which has led to the arrest and lock up of one 1st sergeant Michael Jamie Bodette from Dallas, Texas.               business-news

Authorities have apprended 3 marines rescued after a failed mission on one of such occasions 2 days ago. speaking with the commander on base of which this happened, he had this to say ” sergeant Bodette is a friend and a good instructor and he is under investigation if found guilty would be dealt with to our military laws as this no doubt is treason and we all know the penalty for that” saying no more on the matter.


Troops were selling the US military’s fuel to African locals on the side, and pocketing the proceeds. In so doing this has contributed to thefts by US military personnels of at least $3 million worth of fuel since the start of the Us diplomatic presence in the western African regions. All US personnels and military officers convicted since 2005 of committing theft,bribery, and contract rigging and now in west africa.


Many of these crimes grew out of shortcomings in the military’s management of the deployments that experts say are still present, a heavy dependence on cash transactions,a tasty award process for high valued contracts and the primarily reason of shortage of access of bank accounts from over africa knowing fully well of the inabilty to access their bank accounts.

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