Flows – The Right Track Finding your joy

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Flows - The Right Track Finding your joy
kindness the mix of joy

Have you been sad at some point in time in your life that nothing seems to make you happy? Yes ! we all once fall in this state of mind often times than it is naturally expected. There is only one way to maintain happiness in our life’s and it’s simply through kindness.


Be kind to yourself, as only then can you truly get to accept yourself for who you really are, loving yourself more.

Be kind to other. You don’t need to be begged for the help you render before rendering them. Once you see or know one in need and you can offer help, do that quickly. That single act of kindness re-installs lasting joy in your heart.

Such joy can’t be bought anywhere and it ever refreshes the heart. Your daily task should always revolve around kindness. Tell yourself each day you wake up, ‘am going to show more kindness than I did the previous day’.

As only these acts of kindness by us can help get earth heal of her wounds, making life worth living.

Be kind to yourself……….Be kind to everyone. Never deprive yourself from  the joy you deserve through an act of kindness.


Cool Off With This Piece – A thought Before Trading Your Kindness


The Evil Trends

I see our generation having more widows, more orphans, more troubles, all due to the seed we’re sowing today. Imagine a society full of rituals of various kinds, killings in its highest form, the love of money ruling around all towns, life’s value as less as nothing.


Everyone wants money really quick, ready to get that all cost. Friends using friends for ritual, so also siblings using one another, the little trust we know is nowhere to be found.

The Evil Trend

The country meeting a test of time

Which happens to throw many off balance

Arising from south to west

Is the flourish of evil deeds

Arising from north to east

Is desire to be a better devil


In the eyes of many

Money got more value over life

With some withdrawing into self

To pull out the demon that lives within


This quest to make money really quick

Arises desperation in the heart

With many willing to execute evil deeds

And its back-lash never thought of


As we hear of  the killings in the north

The south, west and east opens

To rituals of various kinds

Earth absorbing more blood

Of those tagged tomorrow leaders


Oh! How I wish this test of time ended

As evil dilute my yet untold stories

That which I did love to tell as a granny.


How long shall the killings continue

How long shall you all stick to rituals

How long shall it take for patience virtue to befall us

How long shall the struggle continue


While some got what they desire

Many struggle to acquire theirs

Of course all must leave earth necked

A thought long lost in the hearts of many


Where did we all keep the sayings of ‘how well’

Cruising in that of ‘how far’

Truly the devil dwells among men

As his works are seen by all


My heart ponders in pain

When will all reach out to life’s architect?

The one who gets time in place

Having life as a written script


When will common sense come to live within us

Helping us play by this already written script


Of course things are extremely hard

A better reason we hold on to the Almighty

As He alone can reveal to us

Ideas for a better turn around


Weep no more earth

Weep no more elders

Weep no more heaven creatures

While foolishness paddles their heart

Grace trying to backup

All default files written by the maker

Just a test of time.





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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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